Transport Canada and Safety

Transport Canada and Safety

Passenger Safety and Equipment

The Prairie Lily is a commercial passenger ship, and as such is regulated, licensed, and inspected annually by Transport Canada.

Our crew is required to meet training, testing and licensing standards as set out by Transport Canada. In this way, we are just like the BC Ferries or WestJet, including the safety speech when we leave the dock!

The Lily also carries all required safety equipment. We have two, 75 person life rafts and life jackets aboard that exceed our passenger capacity. Passengers do not have to bring life jackets with them. It is interesting to note we sail in only an average of 2.5 meters of water on the South Saskatchewan River and, over our usual course the ship is higher than the water is deep.  In fact, if the ship sank to the bottom we would all likely simply finish our snacks and drinks on the upper deck!

Our ship has a Transport Canada mandated total capacity of 119 passengers with a maximum of 52 on the upper deck at any one time. We work to ensure all guests have an opporutnity to enjoy both the upper and lower deck. In the event your cruise has more than 52 passengers on it and the upper deck is full, at the half-way point on the tour, we will switch guests, upper for lower. We apprecaite your cooperation.

Enjoy your experience!