Sailing with a Sommelier


The perfect way to spend a summer evening in Saskatoon.

The tranquility of our beautiful South Saskatchewan River. Cruising the Prairie Lily Riverboat. Enjoying some of the finer things in life: Wines and Scotch!

CHARCUTERIE BOXES!  New this year, you can add one to your reservation when booking a wine tasting.

July 6th – Guess the Expensive WineSOLD OUT! – Kick off the summer with one of our favourite and most popular events! Enjoy a fun night as we explore a range of wines and get you to guess which is the most expensive.  Discover how wines of different values compare, if you can tell the difference in price and if the most expensive wine truly delivers the best experience!

 July 13th – European River TourSOLD OUT!Rivers have been integral to the wine trade in the Old World, not just for irrigation but also for providing slopes and moderating the climates around them. Tonight, let the Prairie Lily show you our beautiful Saskatoon from the banks of the South Saskatchewan while our sommeliers take you on tour of the finest wines Europe has to offer.

July 20th – Whiskies of the WorldSOLD OUT! – Although Scotland is well known for producing great whiskies, there are many fine single malts and blends from regions around the world. Set sail on a journey with us to discover some hidden gems of the whisky world from Canada, USA, Japan and Ireland.                                                                

July 27th – Under the Tuscan Sun SOLD OUT! – Italy is home to twenty unique wine regions, each with its own grape varieties and wines.  This evening, learn about the wines and sub-regions of Tuscany.  We’ll touch on the terroir and grapes of the world renowned areas of Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano and taste wines that are best known from these regions.

August 3rd – California CruisingSOLD OUT! – Stunning natural beauty aside, California produces some of the world’s best wines. Full-bodied Cabernets, fruity Merlots, and buttery Chardonnays are just a few of the dozens of varieties from the diverse terrior in California’s premium wine regions.  Join us for an exploration high quality wines hand selected by our sommeliers that are new into the province and will make your palate sail!

 August 10th – Exceptional ScotchSOLD OUT! Scotch is uniquely enjoyed with its flavours brought forth using the natural resources of the Scottish countryside. From the Islands to the Highlands, Islay to Campbeltown, there are so many to discover! Cruise and taste the expression of region of some of our most exceptional bottles that our sommeliers have been saving solely for this occasion!

 August 17th – French with BenefitsSOLD OUT! – To many, France is synonymous with wine. What is it about this particular place that makes it a heartland for vineyards? Perhaps it’s the sheer number of regions that each have distinct personality or the vast array of styles that have set the precedent for international wine. Tonight, we will provide an insight into French wine, giving you all the tools to enjoy les vins de France!

 August 24th – Outrageously Expensive ScotchesSOLD OUT!– Scotch continues to be the ultimate luxury spirit and the ageless charm of the Scottish landscape is represented in every sip of whisky. Tonight we are pleased to bring you some of our most exceptional samples.  We’ll have four bottles collectively worth $4000, with no bottle worth less than $500! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to sample extremely rare & highly allocated whiskies while we cruise with the Prairie Lily.

August 31st – Canada: From Coast to CoastSOLD OUT! – From Oysoyoos along the American boarder with its bold and structured Meritage blends to Lake Country and its delicate aromatic whites, we will be showcasing all things VQA. Come join us as we celebrate the best of limited production, terrior-driven wines from our home country.

Sailing with a Sommelier cruises board at 6:45 pm, depart at 7:00 pm and return at 8:30 pm.

These cruises sell out quickly so purchase your tickets early!

PLEASE NOTE: All tasting cruises are for guests 19 year old and over only.

Please don’t drink and drive.

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WINE Tasting Cruises

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All guests must be 19 years or older.


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SCOtch Cruises

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All guests must be 19 years or older.

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