Sightseeing Cruises

We are looking forward to welcoming guests on board The Prairie Lily again.  We do not know what our sailing schedule will be for the summer of 2021.  When updates to health regulations are clear in spring, we will post our cruising plans.

The following paragraphs are for information only.  We do not currently have a cruises scheduled for 2021.

Sightseeing Cruises consist of a one-hour sailing. Board up to half an hour in advance, grab a beverage, pick your perfect seat and enjoy soaking up the ambiance of the place we love to share with you. Click here to review our Cancellation Policy.

Click here to view our booking calendar and check cruise availability.

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance as it is the only way to guarantee passage.  You are also welcome to join us as a walk up passenger but note we may have sold out before you join us or we may have a private booking.

Gift Certificate Redemption

If your gift certificate begins with the letters “TPL”, then you may redeem online when booking your cruise.

If your gift certicate begins with the numbers (no letters) “201”, you must phone the office at (306) 955-5459.

2021 Sailing Schedule

May 2021

  • Friday | No scheduled cruises
  • Saturday | No scheduled cruises
  • Sunday | No scheduled cruises
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  • Sailing 2:00 pm | Boarding at 1:30 (July 3 – Aug 28)
  • Sailing 4:00 pm | Boarding at 3:30 (July 3 – Sept 25)
  • Sailing 6:30 pm | Boarding at 6:00 pm (July 3 – Sept 25)
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  • Sailing 2:00 pm | Boarding at 1:30 (July 4 – Sept 25)
  • Sailing 4:00 pm | Boarding at 3:30 (July 4 – Sept 25)
  • Sailing 6:30 pm | Boarding at 6:00 pm (July 4 – Sept 25)
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  • Sailing 2:00 pm | Boarding at 1:30 (July 5 – Sept 20)
  • Sailing 4:00 pm | Boarding at 3:30 (July 5 – Sept 20)
  • Sailing 6:30 pm | Boarding at 6:00 pm (July 5 – September 20)
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Snack and Beverage Service

We sell snacks and beverages (non-alchoholic and alcoholic) on board. We request no outside food or drink be brought on the ship. Food baskets containing meals are prohibited. Thank you for your understanding and consideration of other passengers.

Vessel Capacity

Please note:  In 2020 we will be operating at 30-40% capacity to ensure physical distancing between passenger bubbles.

Our ship has a Transport Canada mandated total capacity of 119 passengers, with a maximum of 52 on the upper deck at any one time as well as our own COVID limits. We work to ensure all guests have an opportunity to enjoy both the upper and lower deck. If our cruise has more guests on board than can be seated on one level, we will switch guests between the lower, interior, climate controlled cabin and the upper deck at the half way point in our cruise. We appreciate your cooperation in making this possible.

A Note on 6:30 pm Sightseeing

Your cruise takes place at the same time as our dinner cruise. Dinner guests are on the main deck for their meal. This means you will be on the upper deck for the majority of your visit with us. It is beautiful but it can be cold in May, June, September and October!  Please be prepared to be outside and dress appropropriately.