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Is the ship wheelchair accessible?

The dock and main deck of The Prairie Lily are wheelchair accessible. The ramp onto the ship is four feet wide and the steepness of the slop is directly related to the depth of the river, which can vary. Once on board, please note that Transport Canada requires water thresholds of about 1.5 inches high upon entry to the main cabin. Our crew can assist guests over this minor obstacle. The outside front portion of the main deck is also reserved for guests with mobility issues. Please see our accessibility page for more information.

What about deck switches and passengers with mobility issues?

Individuals with mobility issues and who cannot manage the stairs are not required to move to the upper deck at the cruise’s halfway point. If you or one of your guests has mobility issues, please make a note on your booking when you’re purchasing your tickets so we can best manage your comfort and care.


Do you sail in the rain?

Yes, we sure do! The river valley has an extra special quality during a rain and is very pretty. You can still enjoy the cruise outdoors and stay dry under our canopy on the upper deck or, if you prefer, you can remain indoors in our main cabin, which is fully enclosed.

Does the wind effect sailing?

For the most part, wind is not an issue. However, in rare cases when winds are in excess of 70km/hr we will cancel sailing. If that happens, we will endeavour to contact ticket holders prior but, if we’re unable to make contact, we will be on site. Ticket holders can either select another sailing day or request a refund.

How much notice do you give for cancellations?

The Captain makes sailing decisions very close to departure time. As we Saskatchewanians know, weather and wind can change dramatically over a surprisingly short period of time. Consider our thunderstorms – there can be tremendous wind and rain, but they do not last long and, usually, the aftermath is quite stunning. Between the refreshed view of the river after a storm and the post-rain scent, it’s an amazing experience!

Ticket Purchases

Do you offer discounts for large groups?

We work hard to keep all our prices accessible for groups of all sizes, therefore, no discounts offered.

Can you pencil me in?

Our system does not permit temporary ticket holds, only confirmed reservations where tickets are purchased and paid for in full.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online, 24-hours per day. You can also call our office or take a chance on available tickets on-site at the time of boarding. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance as we cannot guarantee passage to walk-on passengers.

Should I book in advance or can I just buy tickets when I get there?

We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance as it’s the only way we can guarantee passage. In the summer, we often have 50% of our cruise sold in the morning and then it sells out online by sailing time. Our online ticketing system has real-time information on availability and will allow you to make immediate purchases.

Can I change my reservation?

We may change reservations that fall under our published cancellation policy and if space is available on the newly requested date. However, please note that if you simply don’t show up for your cruise (whatever the weather, even if it’s raining) your ticket(s) are considered forfeited and cannot be “rescheduled.” You can contact us at office@theprairielily.com or call us at 306-955-5459 ext. 2.

I did not receive an email with my tickets. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder for the ticket email. If you cannot locate it in your spam folder, please send us an email (office@theprairielily.com) or contact our office at 306-955-5459, extension 2. Most often, we’ve found that the purchaser’s email address was incorrectly input, and we’re happy to make a correction to be sure you receive your tickets!

Seating Arrangements

What are the dinner and brunch seating arrangements?

Tables are assigned with the ticket purchaser’s name on a table card.

Do sightseeing cruises have seating arrangements?

We balance the ship to ensure passengers are comfortably seated and in accordance with our legal capacity numbers. Usually, passengers are assigned to one of the two decks at boarding and are required to switch at the halfway point in the cruise to ensure everyone can enjoy the cruise inside and outside. Guests who start their cruise on the lower deck will be assigned a table.

Can I reserve a seat on the upper deck?

On sightseeing cruises, seat reservations are not offered on any deck. We have a managed deck switch at the halfway point in the cruise and, to be fair to all guests, we do not permit passengers to opt out of the switch.

Gift Certificates

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

We are NOT currently selling Gift Certificates.

I have a Gift Certificate. Can I use it?

Yes!  As long as Prairie River Cruises Ltd. exists, your gift certificate does not expire.  Please be sure to use it!  We have lots of people with outstanding gift certificates and are not selling more until that value decreases – Thanks!

Where do I input my Gift Certificate number?

If your Gift Certificate starts with “SGC-” you input it on the FIRST page when booking.  It does not come up on the payment page.

If you have a gift certificate with a different number or if you have a cruise donation certificate, please call our office at 306-955-5459, extension 2, to redeem.

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Thank you to all our passengers for making The Prairie Lily one of Saskatoon's most popular attractions and venue. 

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