Weddings – booking for 2022 only

The Prairie Lily has developed a special reputation for providing unique and memorable weddings. You can enjoy the beauty of the Meewasin Valley and the heart of Saskatoon while celebrating your special day in an outstanding setting.

Options vary depending what you would like in terms of timing, meals, and other requests.  Some guests like a small basic wedding in the afternoon, others are looking for a dinner cruise in the evening and others champagne and appetizers in the late afternoon. Please note, The Prairie Lily has much different timing and pricing than hall/hotel venues. The base 2022 fee is $2900 for a one hour, exclusive wedding event.  If you would like to have your ceremony while sailing, the passenger limit is 52 people.  If you have up to 75 passengers, the wedding can take place alongside, followed by a short cruise.  Please note, weddings are required to be exclusive for the comfort of the wedding party and other guests. This includes the cruise, up to three organizing meetings and a short rehearsal, sound equipment and related wedding specific services. Our offering is different as a result of being a Transport Canada regulated vessel with the crewing requirements that go with that, the fact that we are cruising rather than stationary, and welcoming a special group, typically replaces other scheduled cruises.

If you would like to talk about your wedding day, please feel free to call Joan at 306-955-5459, extension 3.