Crew Opening – Operations

We are looking for someone to join our operations crew as a ship’s machinery operator.  We will provide all the training required. We are looking for an aptitude for engines, an interest in navigation and a great personality.

This position is part time (three days a week), seasonal staring in May 2021.  The position starts as a Ship’s Engineer and progresses to our navigation roles as First Mate and potentially Captain.

The principal function of this role is to ensure the mechanical and electrical components of the ship are operating to standard so the vessel is ready for safe service every day and throughout every cruise.

Key duties include:

  • Performing pre-sail checks and flash-up procedures at the start of each shift, according to a detailed checklist, as well as day ending shut down procedures, and secure the engine department at the conclusion of the sailing day;
  • Reporting all matters directly to the Captain and by documenting it on the Engineering logs;
  • Having an intimate knowledge of bilge pumping and fire-fighting operations on the ship;
  • Attending daily cruises to ensure safe departues and return the dock and to conduct checks throughout every cruise in the Engine Room and other spaces as appropriate;
  • Engineers will undertake specific maintenance tasks (e.g. engine oil changes) as assigned.

All Engineers must receive the Marine Emergency Duties training as provided by Prairie River Cruises Ltd., as well as additional specific training related to performance of required tasks.

Interested parties should contact Captain Mike Steckhan at office@theprairielily.com to discuss your interest and qualifications. You are also welcome to submit a resume for consideration.