The Prairie Lily is pleased to welcome guests to experience the beauty of the Meewasin Valley with us this summer.

Capacity will open up on July 11, 2021 when the Province of Saskatchewan removes COVID restrictions.  The Prairie Lily, as we always have, is committed to the health and safety of all passengers and crew.

In keeping with our commitment to you, and as long as COVID restrictions are in place, we ask you be aware of the following:

If passengers fail to comply with crew requests, the Captain has the option to beach the ship along the river and require these guests to disembark using the forward gangway.

1.   All guests are required to wear a mask on board when not seated.

2.  We will clean and sanitize The Prairie Lily before each cruise with appropriate disinfecting products for everyone’s comfort and safety.

3. Hand sanitizer will be made available to all guests prior to boarding the ship.

4. If you or a member of your party are sick, please do not board the ship.

5. All guests are asked to:

Wash hands often and avoid touching your face;

Maintain distance from others;

Cover mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow if coughing or sneezing;

Avoid touching surfaces.

6. We are operating at approximately 30-40% capacity to accommodate physical distancing at six feet between passenger bubbles. We require your assistance in achieving proper physical distancing including cooperating with, and being respectful of, other passengers.

7.  We will mark where passengers should stand prior to boarding. Please do not block the Meewasin Trail as many non-passengers use this area as well.

8. One set of stairs will be marked for going up, and one for going down. One door will be marked as “in” and one will be marked “out.”

9. Areas to be kept clear for general movement and passenger comfort will be marked. Please do not stand in areas designated for movement.

10. We would appreciate on board payment for beverages and confectionery items to be made by card and not cash.

11. Please only bring items on board that are absolutely necessary. Please do not bring drinks (including your favourite coffee), food or extra items.

12. We are committed to keeping you healthy and safe. We have put precautions in place to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee there will be zero risk.

 We appreciate your patience and understanding with these necessary operational changes.


These guidelines may be updated to reflect current Transport Canada and public health guidelines prior to your cruise with us.





We are overwhelmed with thanks to those booking cruises with us!

We are sold out for Sunday, July 18 but there is Sightseeing availability again on Wednesday, July 21 on our 2:00 and 4:00 sailings.  Please note - weekday cruises are usually less busy than on the weekends.

We have a NEW 9 Mile Beer and Sausage Pairing Cruise this year!  Join us on August 5 or 26.  Read about it here!  There are also some seats on our August 18 Scotch Tasting.  Our other tasting cruises are sold out.

Dinner cruises are very popular this year!  With so many interested in getting out in our beautiful city and enjoying the river, we have sold out for the season.

Thank you for joining us!


The Prairie Lily is a
proud member of the

Passenger and Commercial Vessel Association (PCVA).


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